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USA Managed Care Organization has entered into agreements to provide a national Medicare Select PPO Network. Over 1,600 hospitals have already become part of our growing network. Select hospitals have been carefully chosen and fully credentialed. With this innovative program, select patients can and will be steered to your facility.


The patients are rewarded by lower healthcare costs. The hospital is rewarded by an increased patient load. Everyone benefits from this outstanding program.


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With over thirty years experience in the managed care industry, USA Managed Care Organization is committed to providing innovative, practical and cost-effective strategies for its clients. USA's integrated corporate structure and support system enables the continued growth in the group health and workers' compensation markets.

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USA MCO offers our clients and patients a fully-accredited and thoroughly integrated medical delivery system offering national strength, leverage and flexibility.


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USA MCO offers a proven package of cost management services including its National PPO Network specifically designed for Workers' Compensation.