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At the core of healthcare lies the need to continuously focus on offering quality healthcare in an affordable and effective manner. USA has developed a Continuous Quality Improvement initiative with the details listed below. Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.


• Apply CQI approach to consolidate services, minimize overhead and deliver a competitive product to the marketplace.

• Educate contracted practitioners and facilities in CQI procedures.

• Maintain national network accreditation standards.

• Maintain a network-wide CQI plan.

• Develop highest quality human resources/management function.

• Use comparative data to measure staffing levels and establish future staffing projections.

• Document "protocols" for problem management based on proven efficient success.

• Evaluate staffing levels on an ongoing basis in view of cost effective outcomes.

• Increase employee participation in decision making and planning processes.

• Improve, measure and promote a quality healthcare system.

• Identify appropriate benchmarks for outcomes and use them as a measurement.

• Escalate CQI efforts with emphasis on strategic planning and redesign of certain processes in addition to incremental changes.

• Educate all employees about customer-focused planning and CQI measures.

• Promote employee education, skill enhancement and salary ramps to retain intelligent, skilled employees and use as recruitment tools.

• Benchmark with other integrated delivery systems for processes that reduce expenses.

• Continually improve upon all elements as an integrated network.

• Continuous education of all network constituencies (board, management, employees, practitioners, components, purchasers) about CQI philosophies.

• Encourage network providers to adhere to JCAHO’s National Patient Safety Goals.

• Development of outcomes measurement in A&H and Workers' Compensation environments.

• Enhance cutting-edge reimbursement methodologies for practitioners and components to offer the most competitive managed care products in the market.

• Maintain HIPAA compliance and enhance state of the art EDI capabilities.

• Maintain Workers' Compensation Healthcare Network Certification.


USA Managed Care Organization


With over thirty years experience in the managed care industry, USA Managed Care Organization is committed to providing innovative, practical and cost-effective strategies for its clients. USA's integrated corporate structure and support system enables the continued growth in the group health and workers' compensation markets.

Health and Wellness


USA MCO offers our clients and patients a fully-accredited and thoroughly integrated medical delivery system offering national strength, leverage and flexibility.


Workers' Compensation

USA MCO offers a proven package of cost management services including its National PPO Network specifically designed for Workers' Compensation.