The mission of USA MCO is to help control the escalating cost of healthcare

Corporate Objective

The objective of USA MCO is to help control the escalating cost of healthcare for the consumer while respecting the providers’ ultimate authority in the treatment of the patient. As a leader in providing nationwide healthcare access, USA MCO strives to be responsive to the needs of patients, physicians and employers and offer clients the products that best suits their needs by extending an umbrella of health related services.


Mission Statement

USA Managed Care Organization is in a constant state of pursuit, the pursuit of excellence. Excellence is not doing one thing well, but doing all things superbly.


Code of Ethics

Ethical behavior begins with the recognition of the various values applied in judgments of what is good decision-making. USA Managed Care Organization and its employees uphold the belief that this ethical behavior occurs not only in clinical decision-making, but in the business decisions made by USA MCO. To this end, USA MCO recognizes its role of stewardship in developing healthier communities. In all decisions, USA MCO will balance the rights of the individual affected, the involvement of key stakeholders, the interest of the organization, and the obligation to the community at large. All decisions must maintain the health and welfare of the individual by protecting their dignity and human rights. In addition, the clinical authority of the physician must be maintained as the ultimate decision maker in the treatment of the patient. Business and clinical care decisions must meet the test of conforming to the values that are the foundation of USA Managed Care Organization.


USA Managed Care Organization

Largest, most comprehensive, privately-held healthcare corporation in America.