USA Select Provider Accountable Alliance & WIN Select: Exclusive Provider Association

USA Select Provider Accountable Alliance (SPAA) is an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), carved from the fully accredited PPO network. It is a hybrid born of HMO and PPO principles for an unconditionally channeled product promoting strict utilization through severe penalties for out-of-network care. Innovative risk-sharing partnerships are formed between payor and provider to create a peerless relationship leading to the seamless delivery of care. To further maximize efficiency, as well as capitalize on real-dollar savings, USA SPAA’s internal gatekeeping is a recommended option.

USA WIN Select is an exclusive provider network of topographically linked work injury/rehabilitation care physicians, facilities and ancillary services focused on bringing the injured worker to health and back on the job.


USA Managed Care Organization

Largest, most comprehensive, privately-held healthcare corporation in America.